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re asking whether the president has really turned a corner, and Tuesday's speech will be a chance to address Americans on that question, some experts said. WHAT THE BUSINESS COMMU


lso inform that in the attack occurred on Tuesday in Policarpa (southwest) with official army troops (...) we captured a soldier, which we are able to also release simultaneously.


in the field of training and knowledge of the Chilean scientists as "one more step " towards the establishment of a nuclear plant in the country. He stressed, however, that Chile .


mpic Winter Games in Canada's western city of Vancouver. The Prime Minister was accompanied by Minister of National Defence Peter MacKay, Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews, and C.


ster Antonio Patriota and Central Bank President Alexandre Tombini will take part on her behalf, the presidential office said in a statement. In this way, Brazil's head of state wi.

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ridges, 10 helmets, 10 bullet-proof vests, more than 558,000 Mexican pesos (some 44,462 U.S. dollars), 3,343 dollars, two vehicles, 44 labels of the Gulf Cartel, communication eq.

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okered by the Roman Catholic Church and the Spanish Foreign Minister. The first group of seven prisoners arrived in Spain on July 13. Their release was warmly applauded by western .

read correction in house prices. The oil price shock has increased the risk to financial stability, the June review says, by delaying improvements to incomes and economic growth a.

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